• Conventional Fire Detection Systems
  • Model range from 1 to 32 Zones
  • Support per zone max, 30 detectors
  • Fault indication for wire disconnection, Unstable AC power, battery short circuit
  • Each zone has a separate disable function
  • Alarm verification up to 7 seconds for Real fire confirmation and avoid false Alarm from environment interface
  • Addressable Fire Detection Systems
  • Up to 32 loop & total addressable points are 8000
  • Each Loop can connect up to 250 addressable devices
  • Large LCD screen allows more events to be displayed on the same screen
  • Individual loop module test feature to save time on panel test
  • On-board self-test feature for simulating alarm output
  • Easy system programming through PC to panel
  • Events log can store up to 9999 events


  • Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Multi Sensor
  • Manual Call Point
  • Sounder
  • Input Output Module (Really Module)
  • Zone Monitor/Monitor Module
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