• Archway Gate
  • 6 zone LED display. Alarm over human figure LED indicator Exact determination of metals and metal alloys on humans. Light and sound warning feature. Automatic self-diagnostic feature “0” dead point through microprocessor control 6 different survey zone and selecting different sensitivity for each zone Adjusting alarm time and alarm sound level. Multi-zone Showing the exact point of a metal substance by means of the human body graphic on the control panel Showing the number of passing people and the number of alarms on the monitor Preventing the intervention of an unauthorized person by the password protection Adjacent working of several equipment by adjusting the frequency of them Not harming the pregnant, heart battery, magnetic cards etc Ergonomic design, easy to installation and setup 24 hours working time.
  • Archway Gate
  • LEDs on the both sides of this walk through metal detector; frame alloy aluminum covered. With six separate detection zones to check the metal's accurate position.
  • Every detection zone with % grade sensitivity, could according to users' requirement to adjust. Digital circuit design, strong ability for prevent interference, prevent to false alarm, mistaking alarm rate is within 1%.
  • With password prevention function, person whom could operate with authorization.
  • Statistic the passenger numbers and alarm times. Adopting sense head metal detection technology, it's harmless to heart pace maker, pregnant women, magnetic disc, tape, recording tape and etc.
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • There is a Leathery cover outfits.
  • There is a on-off which can switch the metal detector from sound alarm to light alarm, or from light alarm to sound alarm.
  • The alarm terms is sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm simultaneously. You can choose the operate terms optionally.
  • When the low sensitivity on-off is pressed, the metal detector will only alarm when it finds big metal object.
  • Under Vehicle Search Mirror
  • Up to 32 loop & total addressable points are 8000 Each Loop can connect up to 250 addressable devices
  • Large LCD screen allows more events to be displayed on the same screen Individual loop module test feature to save time on panel test
  • On-board self-test feature for simulating alarm output
  • Easy system programming through PC to panel Events log can store up to 9999 events
  • Door Contact Alarm
  • Door and window contacts are simple devices which can make all the difference to your security system. The device essentially consists of a sensor and a magnet which can be incorporated into your alarm system. The alarm will then be set off if the contact between the two is broken. This helps to safeguard your building against break-ins via doors and windows, as the alarm will be set off immediately rather than having to wait until an intruder passes in front of a beam to trigger it.
  • Wired PIR Detector
  • Up to 14 meters PIR coverage. Automatically detects an intruder when the Alarm is set. Test mode for easy setup. Red LED Movement Indicator. Built in tamper protection.
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