• AC-7000
  • Face & Fingerprint Recognition Device
  • AC-7000 is the latest access controller with fake finger detection and a tilt camera which automatically detects a face within 3m
  • Its 5" touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android smartphone
  • Apps greatly enhance user convenience
  • ZK F302
  • Face & Fingerprint Recognition Device
  • ZK F302 face detection and proximity type time attendance access control has elegant german-designed casing, 4.3 inch TFT color touch screen access control device display, supports 50 time zones, 99 groups and 10 unlock combinations for access control, face and fingerprint reader, infra-red light source, 6 user-defined function keys, contactless 1-second employee recognition, operates stand-alone or with any 26-bit, wiegand 3rd party access control panel, multi-language support.
  • F 18
  • Fingerprint & RFID card Recognition Device
  • Three different kinds of interface style, including common, matrix and magic styles
  • Less than 1 second user recognition
  • Stores 1500 fingerprint templates and 300,000 transactions
  • Reads fingerprint and/or RFID cards
  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
  • Built-in Wiegand input/output port for connection to third part access control panels
  • Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer
  • Audio-Visual indication for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers
  • Tamper switch and alarm contacts
  • Special Order with HID or MI fare card modules
  • Finkey SW-101
  • Fingerprint & RFID card Recognition Device
  • Nitgen SW101 fingkey access control fingerprint TA system has 4 function keys, RF card, password, 2000 templates, 20000 logs, IP rating IP65 and identification time < 2 seconds.
  • SC103
  • RFID card Recognition Device
  • SC103 is made with elegant design and professional surface treatment. The device have lock control, alarm, exit button, door sensor. The wiegand-in interface is used to connect external reader to construct master and slave system. Also the device can be used to connect with a control panel as a reader by wiegand-out interface. The operation can be done on the device through LCD display, also can be done on PC software and upload to the device through TCP/IP, RS232/485 communication.
  • The USB-host is used for data download and upload, including user template and record etc.
  • FR-1200 Reader
  • FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBIO series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access control panel. With its IP65 rated rugged structure, FR1200 offers extra durability in all weather conditions including outdoor environments.
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